Film Friday – Effie L’Amour and Miss Bunnypenny

A few weeks back myself, Cam Attree, Effie L’Amour and Miss Bunnypenny hit the road down to Byron Bay for an afternoon Art Nude roadtrip.  This was actually Effie’s first shoot out in the landscape, and we were eager to show her a stunning location.  We picked the beaches of Broken Head, which are completely different every single time we shoot there.

I also took the opportunity to try something a little different, which was shooting C41 colour film.  In this case a pack of almost expired Portra 400.  I also decided I would be developing this in my kitchen sink, as I’d had a C41 press kit handy for a while, and frankly I can’t bring myself to pay $25 a roll to have the film sent half way around the world, developed and scanned.  The results?  Really good.

A few images did not work as well as expected, which can be seen by the slightly off colour balance, or under exposure.  But over all there are some great shots on this roll, and the unique look of the Hasselblad 500 CM combined with Portra 400 film gave these a really nice look!


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Film Friday – Loz Lightyear

This Film Friday is a little bit special, as it’s the first ever colour Film Friday where I’ve developed the film myself.

I’ve been doing consistent decent black and white film development for over a year now, and understood the process well enough that I’ve been able to make myself a robot to do the work in the film lab for me.  However, due to the different processing characteristics of C41 colour film, I’ve never attempted it despite having a few press kits sitting around the home.

Finally after staring at the dozen exposed rolls of C41 film left in the fridge, I pulled the pin, read up a few blogs and mixed my chemicals.  After the development process, here are the results, and frankly I could not be happier.

The colour and sharpness achieved are on par with the results I get from my choice of film lab, but the cost of processing all ten rolls is less than the cost of a single roll via the film lab.   It’s an economy of scale I can’t afford to ignore, especially given how easy the C41 process is.

This roll is of Loz Lightyear, as we took a roadtrip with Cam Attree through the Condamine Gorge.   Shot on the Hasselblad with Fuji PRO400H.  I love the look of some of these shots!

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Film Friday – Sylph Sia at Wellington

We are fresh back in Australia after an awesome road trip across New Zealand’s South Island.  On our first day, Myself, Cam Attree, Sylph Sia and Darby Breckderry all flew into Wellington.  Within 30 minutes of checking into our apartment in the late afternoon, Cam had suggested we do a shoot there owing to the lovely window light coming through.

We split up into groups, Myself and Sylph took one room, and Cam and Darby took another.  Amidst the digital shots, I also managed to snap off a roll of film, on which are some of my favourite shots of Sylph, the combination of her great poses and the window light gave some beautiful shots.

As always, this roll was developed by my Filmbot, it is still running well, but as you can see in a few shots, I need to swap out my fixer solution more often!

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